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                                            Let’s tackle plastic waste together.

Plastic waste is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet at the moment. Here at Rotary Club La Valette Malta, District 2110, we know that something urgently needs to be done to address it. In fact, while there are many pressing issues facing the island, the prevalence of plastic waste feels like one of the most demanding ones, and Club members are dedicated helping to make a change.

With that in mind, Rotary Club La Valette Malta in collaboration with Integritas Group has launched a competition for individuals, as well as NGOs and enterprise start-ups, to encourage ideas that will help to combat the problem locally – and we have two €5,000 prizes to give away.   As a Club, we believe in putting our community first and rising to the challenges faced by society, and this is just one of the many causes that we are involved in. Rotary Club La Valette Malta, District 2110 forms part of Rotary International – the world’s largest service organisation. Globally, it connects more than a million people across a network of 35,000+ clubs. Together, these clubs work to promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, save mothers and children, support education, and grow local economies.

Access The Funds

Rotary Club La Valette Malta, District 2110 would like to encourage individuals, NGOs and enterprise start-ups to present innovative ideas that will contribute to the reduction of plastic use on the island. To this effect, a selection process has been set up and interested parties are invited to fill in the application form, including a detailed explanation about the concept and how it will contribute to reducing plastic use on the island. Successful applicants will progress to Round Two, and will then be asked to make an in-person presentation to the Judging Panel and one winner will be selected from each category. The judging panel will be made up of Rotary Club La Valette Malta, District 2110 members, as well as key experts in the sphere. One individual and one NGO or enterprise start-up will be chosen as the winners. Applications close on 7th June, and those successful in advancing to the next round will be informed soon after. In Round Two, shortlisted applicants will be asked to pitch their idea to a panel of judges, and one winner will be selected from each category.

The Prize

Win €5,000 to make your dream anti-plastic idea a reality! Rotary Club La Valette Malta, District 2110 is giving one individual, and one NGO or enterprise start-up, the chance to win €5,000 to launch and support their project. The winners would have access to the knowledge, expertise and contacts that our club members offer being local and foreign professionals in various fields. Applications will be judged by a panel of Rotary La Valette members and experts from within the environmental sphere, as well as experts from complementary sectors.




Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to The Fight Plastic Fund. If your question isn’t answered here, then do feel free to get in touch on info@thefightplasticfund.com

1.) I know the fund is open to individuals, NGOs and start-ups, but I am part of an established company. May I still apply?

Not this time around. Currently the fund is only open to individuals, NGOs and start-ups (ie companies that have been established for five years or less, and have less than 10 employees).

2.) What are the geographical limitations of the fund?

You don’t have to be Maltese to apply, but you do need to have lived here for at least one year. Your project will need to benefit Malta as its primary aim.

3.) What if my project needs more than €5,000 to implement?

This year the fund will give out a maximum of €5,000 to two projects. This may be put towards larger projects that can be funded through other means. However, if you have not managed to fund and implement your entire project within one year, then the €5,000 will need to be returned.

4.) My project is environmental but does not directly result in the reduction of plastic. Am I eligible?

No. This time around, the Fund is only open to projects that are directly linked to plastic reduction in Malta.

5.) What is the application process?

To begin with you will need to submit your details and idea here. If selected, you will be invited to present your idea in more detail to our panel of judges. One winner in each category will then be announced.

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